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Hair Care in SummerHair Care in Summer

As the cold winds are ready to depart the land, blankets and winter care are finding a space in our trunk. With the departing weather, the beauty regime should also take a flip. With the rise in humidity in the terrain, the scalp becomes oily and gets itchy. The natural dryness in the atmosphere dehydrates […]

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Hair Care for WinterHair Care for Winter

As the cool breeze is not ready to depart from the land and the temperature keeps on dipping, we must find ways to protect ourselves. Winter does not only force us to roll ourselves in the blankets but also makes our hair extensively dry. But worry no more! There are plenty of ways through which […]

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The Hair TriviaThe Hair Trivia

We all love styling our hairs, be it for casual looks or for special functions. However, it is quite intriguing that our strands carry a plethora of mysteries with them. Let’s dive in and find out! In the vast anatomy of mankind, a single strand of hair can be used to give a plethora of […]

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Healthy Eating HabitsHealthy Eating Habits

Do you know that your hairs grow about a cm in a month and 15 in a year? The growth of hair is controlled by several factors. It can be genetics, diet or age. Where you cannot control age and genes, you definitely can improvise your diet. So let’s find out what is healthy for […]

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