Difference between Straightening and Rebonding

Straightening and rebonding are the two popular facets of the hairstyling industry. Where both appear the same, there is a fine line that differentiates both the services. So let’s find out what makes them different?


If you are looking forward to straightening your strands for a temporary period, be it your weekend party or a function then you can go ahead with straightening. In the concerned process hair relaxers, straightening combs, and hair irons are used. However, it is advisable to not use the heating material directly and apply protective lotions before the process.


Rebonding is just a step ahead to straightening. It focusses on maintaining the natural look of the hair and the treatment lasts long in the run of time. With the usage of heat, the natural bond of the hairs is broken which unfurls the curls and make them straight. Hairs straightened by this process are not affected by external factors such as climate changes.

Straightening Rebonding
Lasts for 5-6 months Lasts for 15-20 months
Less hair damage More hair damage
Affected due to humidity Not affected by humidity
Can be done at home Salon treatment
Doesn’t alters the structure of the hair Breaks the natural bonds of the hair

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