Hair Care for Winter

As the cool breeze is not ready to depart from the land and the temperature keeps on dipping, we must find ways to protect ourselves. Winter does not only force us to roll ourselves in the blankets but also makes our hair extensively dry. But worry no more! There are plenty of ways through which you can take care of your pretty hair.

Moisturize your Scalp

Winters are known for dandruff, the indoor heating tends to dry the scalp and makes it flaky. To resolve this, you can choose to nourish your hair with warm oil. Hair oils such as Argan and Jojoba are known for their moisturizing effect. In case the dandruff is troubling you a lot, go for coconut oil or castor oil. Massage your scalp for 20 minutes or so and then wash your hair as usual. It will not only relieve you from the dandruff drama but will make your hair shiny and smooth.

Say Bye to the Frizzy Hair

On and often it happens that due the dry weather our hairs get fizzy as if they’ve received a shock. The main reason behind this is that we keep our heads covered with a scarf or woolen caps in the cold, due to the internal rubbing of woolens and the hairs they get statically charged and gives you a frizzy appearance. To ditch the issue use dryer sheet, the idea is to simply place the hair between the sheets and slide it through your hairs from top to bottom. The sheets help in discharging the hair and make it straight.

No to Frequent Hair Washes

If you belong to the crowd which washes their hair frequently then change your habits at once. Excessive washing can lead to the complete dryness of the essential oil in the hairs. Try to maintain a discrete gap between two washes, and in case if you feel that the hair is looking excessively damp, choose dry shampoos to add a fresh look to your hair.

Heat Ironing is the Major Culprit

Drying your hair with the heated iron can be harmful to your hair regime. The excessive heat of iron tends to absorb all the moisture and the essential oil within the scalp. It is advisable to dry your hair naturally and ensure that each strand is dried before you leave your house. Apart from this idea, you can also put on the conditioner masks periodically on your hair to add shine to it.

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