Hair Care in Summer


As the cold winds are ready to depart the land, blankets and winter care are finding a space in our trunk. With the departing weather, the beauty regime should also take a flip. With the rise in humidity in the terrain, the scalp becomes oily and gets itchy. The natural dryness in the atmosphere dehydrates the locks and makes them brittle which eventually leads to split ends. Also, the continuous exposure of sun and other external factors harms the natural color and shine of the hair. To curb all the issues let’s find out the perfect beauty regime for the summer month.

Put a full stop to excessive use of cosmetics.

Being a dry month summer dehydrates your hairs anyway and becomes the breeding ground for dandruff, split ends, hair fall and fizziness. In this scenario avoid the usage of chemical products such as hair spray, colors, smoothening creams, etc. If you are planning to change the hue of your mane choose a month before or after the summer season.

Shampoo your Locks

Cleaning your hair is a great idea, the constant accumulation of dust needs regular cleansing. For the folks who sweat more, greasy hair becomes a huge issue. To curb this situation, choose mild shampoo over anything. Shampoo your scalp gently, and avoid using it over the hairs as it dries them out.

Make Conditioner your Best Friend

Even if you are planning to ditch all your other hair products, don’t underestimate the potential of a good conditioner. It contains constituents of sunscreen which protect your hair from the harmful rays of the sun. If in any case, you’re going out conditioning your hair is a must.

Keep that Frizz Away

The arid weather dries out water from us and also dehydrates our scalp. To avoid this type of situation, style up your hairs in braids or tie them up in a ponytail. This minimizes the surface area and reduces the frizziness in the hair.

Healthy Diet

Last but not the least, maintain your diet and have plenty of fluids apart from whatever you are consuming. Fresh fruits and salads are always a boon to your prescribed diet. Choose health over anything.

Happy Summers 😍

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