8 Expert Best Beauty Tips for Indian Bridal Wedding Makeup

When we think about makeup, we all have some insight and knowledge. You can read the following tips that may help you in your bridal wedding makeup.


  • Moisturizer

It is important to clean your face for the best makeup. You should first clean your skin, then apply moisturizer and allow it to remain for five minutes so that it may blend in before you start makeup.

  • Foundation

You can test shades of foundation on your wrist to select the perfect shade for your face. Always check the colour in the natural daylight so that you can find the right colour that matches with your skin tone. First apply across the central part of your face with clean fingers. Then use a damp sponge to gently blend the foundation with your skin.

  • Loose powder

Loose powder is an important part of your makeup. It is used to set your foundation layer.

  • Blusher

Use a blusher that matches with the shades of your cheeks. You have to smile to find your cheekbones. This helps you to apply blusher easily. Use a fluffy brush to sweep the powder in circular motion in the outward direction. It gives a healthy complexion and fresh glow to your skin.

  • Eyeliner

Use eyeliner that matches with your eye colour. You can rest your elbow on a flat surface for proper application of the eyeliner.

  • Brushes

You can use brushes for powder based makeup products. If you are using creamy products such as concealer and foundation, you can use clean finger tips to blend the products easily with your skin.

  • Tweezer

You can give shape to your eyebrows by using a tweezer. Do not over pluck; thick brows give your face better shape.

  • Mascara

Always clean your brushes after use and keep your pencils sharpen. Wipe your mascara wand with a tissue so that no clumps are formed and you can get neat application.

You can get ready for any party by using the tips given above. Many women look for best makeup artist in Delhi to get ready for small occasions and they spend a lot of money from their pockets.

These tips can help you to save money and also help you to get ready on time. You do not have to wait for your turn in a busy salon to get your makeup done by a professional artist if you know the secrets of makeup. You can change your look within minutes by using these simple makeup tips.

You can use organic cosmetics to give natural look to your face that come in healthy and natural colours.


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