Mane Issues and their Solution

As we fall ill, so does our hair. Split ends, damaged roots and thinning of hair are some of rhe common issues which we share. So, let’s find out the solution for the same.

Hair Damaged from Coloring

So you want your strands in hue but don’t want it to get damaged? Try trimming! Trim your split ends as the open ends might end up soaking excess color which eventually damages your hairs.

Straightening Woes

Excessive heat damages your hair, but there’s a solution to it. Trim frequently and then start using keratin conditioner along with cetyl alcohol. This will help your hair to retain moisture and get softer.

Frizzy Hair

If humidity shows up in your hairs in no time then use mild conditioning agents to moisturize them. Use hair products exclusive for frizzy hair rather than the ones meant for normal hair.

Oily Hair

Oily hair is a result of too much sebum in our scalp. The sebaceous glands release sebum for nourishing the hair but when they overproduce it, the hair becomes oily and greasy. Try a shampoo that is formulated to control sebum.

Dull Hair

Is your dull hair making it difficult for styling? Try rinsing it with cool water post shampooing it. Coldwater helps the ends to contract which gives the hair a smoother and shinier look.

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