The Hair Trivia

We all love styling our hairs, be it for casual looks or for special functions. However, it is quite intriguing that our strands carry a plethora of mysteries with them. Let’s dive in and find out!

  • In the vast anatomy of mankind, a single strand of hair can be used to give a plethora of information, but if there’s a piece of information which they can’t divulge then it’s the gender of the person. One cannot identify whether the hair belongs to a man or woman.
  • Hairs are like the nosy aunt who can pop – up anywhere. Apart from lips, palms of hand, and soles of feet they can grow almost anywhere.
  • Redheads are the rarest of the rare species on earth, they account to 1 per cent of the population followed by blonde hair people. Majority of the population has your color!
  • The science behind Goosebumps – when we are fearful or cold, our hair follicles contract which results in the instant erection of the hair strands.
  • Apart from misconceptions and bone marrow, if there’s a thing which grows rapidly in you is your hair.
  • Your hair is way too strong than you think, in the strength domain it can beat up a copper wire of same diameter. Not only this, its super ductile and can stretch up to 30% of its original length when wet.
  • At any point of time 90 per cent of the entire volume is growing while the lazy 10 per cent relaxes in hope of a proxy attendance.
  • You’ll be surprised to know that the average life of a hair strand is around 5 years. What? Aren’t you surprised? Well it’s definitely more than your last infatuation period.
  • Back in ancient Rome, people used pigeon dung to dye their silky strands. Feeling lucky suddenly?
  • If you are startled by the Rome fact, hold your horses, the Victorian era has its own mysteries. To pay homage to their loved ones, people crafted brooches and pendants from their hairs.


So, that was it, folks! Now that you know all these crazy facts, we hope that your strands will keep you fascinated forever.

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